Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Non-print equipment & services: Video camcorder & digital camera comptency

Video camcorder competency
As a library technician you may be called upon to videotape events such as school pageants, awards ceremonies, author readings (with the author’s permission), etc. At the very least you will be expected to be able to show users basic video camera operating techniques.

Digital camera competency
The Sony Mavica MVC-FD73 stores images on high density floppy discs. Storage devices used by other digital cameras include Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Multimedia Cards, Memory Stick, Microdrive, etc. Digital images can be imported to web pages, PowerPoint presentations, word processing documents, etc.

If you require information on transferring files see:

Additional information on digital photography is available on the following sites.
Curtlin, Dennis P. Short courses in digital photography.
A quick course on many aspects of digital photography.

Kodak Digital Learning Center
A collection of online “textbooks” that offer step-by-step tutorials on digital imaging.

Nice, Karin and Gerald Jay Gurevich. How digital cameras work.
Product reviews written by professionals and consumers. There are also free mini courses on digital photography, ongoing chat rooms, and other features.

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