Friday, June 26, 2009

Non-print equipment & resources: Equipment resources

Cabecceiras, James. The multimedia library: materials selection and use. 3rd ed. San Diego: Academic Press, 1991.

infoCom: International Communications Industrial Association Inc. AV products.

Media & Methods Magazine Online: 2003 Buyers’ Guide & Reference Dictionary

Post, Richard. “Life-span Obsolescence, and Depreciation in the Management of Educational Technology.”
Article reprinted from Tech Trends, Sept. 1999 (Vol. 43, No. 4) Contains table of predicted obsolescence of a variety of equipment based on survey of 12 Ohio universities.

School Executive Magazine Online: 2000 Buyers’ Guide

Also search EBSCOHost for relevant articles.

Dealer Web Sites
Inland AV
Canadian dealer.

Winnipeg Audio-Visual
Local dealer

Topics include – notable educational hardware and software, as well as junk one should avoid.

LM Net
Dedicated to school library media specialists worldwide, and to people involved with the school library media field. Archives searchable at

Focuses on media literacy. Serves as a network for people in the media services profession to ask questions and discuss new procedures or services.

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