Monday, June 8, 2009

Non-print equipment & services: Document cameras

Document cameras also have the aliases of doc cam, visual presenter, video presenter video imager, imaging camera, visualizer.

A document camera is used to present hard copy documents, graphics, and small objects to a large audience. Most campus electronic classreooms are equipped with document cameras. A television or video projector is required to view the images from a document camera.

Canon RE-450X document camera

A high-resolution document camera designed to show documents, transparencies, or physical objects to an audience through either a projector or TV. This model has a resolution of 1024x768, which matches the resolution of most video projectors. It captures images at 15 frames per second.


  • No image on display
    First verify that the document camera has power by looking for the power indicator light on the left side of the controls. The power switch is located on the left side of the unit, and should be left in the “on” position. Next, make sure the “Input select” light is turned off on the front panel of the document camera. Also check that the “Still picture” light is turned off as well.

  • Image not positioned correctly
    Zoom in and out on the image using the “Wide” and “Tele” buttons under the Zoom section of the control panel. Then position your document.

  • Image is out of focus
    Press the “Auto” button under the Focus section of the control panel. If fine tuning is necessary, use the “Near” and “Far” buttons.

  • Image is too bright or too dark
    Use the controls under the White Balance and Exposure sections of the control panel to adjust the image. In most cases, White Balance can be set to “Auto” and then exposure adjusted to the desired level.

The instruction manual for the Canon RE-550X is available online at We were provided copies of pages 7-9, 11 and 15 (Operational panel, Assembling, storing and connection, Operation, and System connection).

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