Monday, June 27, 2011

Receiving procedures

Six steps in receiving
  • Unpacking shipments
  • Matching the packing slip against the vendor’s invoice
  • Matching the invoice against your purchase orders
  • Paying the invoice or forwarding the invoice for payment
  • Statistics
  • Updating the accounts
Unpacking the shipment
  • Check damaged containers
  • Sign bill of lading
  • Check physical condition of items
  • Locate packing slip and/or invoice
  • Make photocopy of invoice if only one copy received
Matching packing slip against items shipped
  • Correct items received?
  • Are there items on the invoice which have not been received?
  • Correct number of items received?
  • Items received which are not on packing slip?
  • Note any discrepancies on the packing slip
Matching packing slip against invoice
  • Follow same procedures as for checking items against packing slip
  • Vendor must be notified of any problems
  • If no invoice received, place packing slip in a “pending invoice” file
Matching invoice against original purchase order
  • Pull all purchase orders/slips
  • o Make sure all items have been received
  • Correct items have been received?
  • Proper number of copies?
  • Correct format?
  • Prices correct and correct discounts?
  • Stamp, write, or enter the date received for each purchase order
Record and file clearing
  • Place one copy of the order form in the item
  • Make note of any back orders if in a manual system, refile purchase order
  • In manual setting, stamp date received on one packing slip and file in received file
  • Disperse on-order slips according to library policy
    o compile statistics
  • Property mark each item
Paying the invoice
  • Invoice approval
    o update financial records
    o if order fully received, forward to appropriate person for authorization
    o forward to agency for check to be cut
  • Update statistics
  • Send items to cataloguing
  • Clear up problems (e.g. claims, cancel)
  • Notify requestor when item catalogued
Missing items
  • Claim should be initiated and clearly identified
    o immediately
  • Keep a written or electronic record
    o include:
    o the library’s account number with that vendor
    o a description of the missing item
    o the purchase order number
    o invoice number, and date of order
    o what action you wish the vendor to take
Damaged items
  • Send back to the vendor with a letter describing the extent of the damage
  • Request a replacement copy
  • Specify what charges you will accept, e.g. return shipping costs
Check every month for the status of items. Slight damage to be books can probably be fixed in house, if too much, request a replacement item.
Overdue items
  • Issue a claim requesting a status report or to cancel the order
  • If canceling an order, you need to notify the vendor giving the same information as you would have when claiming a missing item
  • Update records showing that the order has been cancelled and unencumber funds
  • Notify selector or requestor of cancellation giving reason(s) why
Incorrect items
  • First check to see if the purchase request was clearly stated and correct
  • Return the item to the vendor with a photocopy of the original order
  • If more than one item on invoice, you may request a new invoice or a credit memo on your account

Monday, June 20, 2011

Example of claim and return letters

Example of claim letter
Anytown Public Library

123 Anywhere Street, Anytown, AY A2B 3C4 (123) 456-7890 phone (123) 456-7899 fax

(Vendor's name supplied here)  (Date supplied here)
(Vendor's address supplied here) (Lib. acct. no. supplied here)
(Vendor's address cont'd)  (Order no. supplied here) 
(Invoice no. supplied here)


o Shipment not received; overdue; please report
o Invoice received; shipment has not arrived; please report
o Shipment received; no invoice; please send invoice
o Shipment incomplete; missing items listed below
o Other (Space for other information provided here)


o Send us a report regarding the availability of missing items
o If items not available, please send credit memo for missing items
o Send corrected invoice per instructions below
o Other (Space for other information provided here)

Sincerely yours,

Acquisitions Department

Example of a return letter
Anytown Public Library

123 Anywhere Street, Anytown, AY A2B 3C4 (123) 456-7890 phone (123) 456-7899 fax


(Vendor's name supplied here) (Date supplied here)
(Vendor's address supplied here) (Lib. acct. no. supplied here)
(Vendor's address cont'd) (Order no. supplied here)
(Invoice no. supplied here)
  • We request permission to return the following for:
  • We are returning the following for:
    • Exchange
    • Replacement
    • Credit

  • Wrong title supplied
  • Wrong edition supplied
  • Wrong volume supplied
  • Imperfect binding
  • Imperfect text
  • Damaged book 
  • Not Our Order
  • Incorrect number of Copies sent
  • Order Cancelled on                            

Sincerely yours,

Monday, June 13, 2011

1. Why should a library weed its collection?

To get rid of inaccurate material and obsolete information

2. What factors discourage weeding?

The belief that “books live forever”.

3. What criteria are used for weeding?

Anything not considered for a test; literary, inappropriate level, multiple copies, irregular use, curriculum support

4. What does the video say about use of newer materials?

Newer materials should be challenging, they should stay abreast of information. They should buy bulk of popular materials, if these titles are not used much within 3 years, they can then be weeded.

5. What records need to be kept when items are withdrawn from the collection?

Records of more than one copy.

6. What are the suggested cut dates for sections within Dewey Decimal Classification?

100 5+ years
200 10 years
300 3 years
400 10 years
500 5 years
600 3 years
700 10 years
800 10 years
900-919 7 years
920-999 10 years

Monday, June 6, 2011

Receiving Exercise

Purpose of Exercise
To provide you with practice in receiving procedures.

You are working in the Anytown Public Library. A shipment from the ABC Vendor Co. has just arrived. You have found the packing slip and have unpacked all the items. The invoice arrived separately the same day and is now clipped to the packing slip.

1. Compare the packing slip to the invoice. Not any discrepancies on the packing slip.
2. Compare any purchase order s and invoice. On a separate sheet of paper, note any discrepancies and for each title, describe what the problem is and state what actions you would take.

Discrepancies out of print
Manufacturing Victims out of print, cancel order, contact publisher
Chelsea Girl Murders wrong copy, send back, ask for right copies and shipping credit
Up, Up, Down send back 1 copy, ask for shipping and credit
Serious Cycling new edition pending, find out how long to wait, cancel and re-order if necessary
Dr. Art Ulene’s Low-fat Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes from Soups to Desserts – under 20% Calories from fat temporarily out of stock, contact vendor to see how long it will be out of print for