Monday, November 13, 2017

Procedures Manual Activity

Note in every library and/or different circulation system, procedures may vary

Charging out a book in an automated circulation setting 
  1. Click Borrower Services. 
  2.  Search for the borrower’s name or their student number. 
  3. Press Enter to initiate search. Their library record should appear.
  4. Scan the item barcode.
    1. If barcode is worn, key in the barcode. 
  5. Item is added to the Check Out Items list. 
Opening procedures in a library
  1. Arrive 30 minutes before opening. 
  2. Turn on lights, computers, photocopiers, etc.
  3. Check drop off 
  4. Check phone, fax, e-mail messages
  5. Check interlibrary loans; send, receive, process
    **If time available, contact interlibrary loan recipients 
  6. Collect/send mail
  7. Return books
  8. If time, shelve returned books 
  9. Unlock public door just before library opens; rotate open/closed sign 
Closing procedures in a library
  1. Ten minutes before closing, warn any patrons in library they must be prepared to leave
  2. Ensure all computers are logged off and turn off monitors. (Turn off computers if there are no classes the following day) 
  3. Push in all the chairs and dispose of any garbage.
  4. Close all doors that need to be closed.
  5. Lock any safe keeping drawers. The drawer should be locked at all times. 
  6. Turn off all lights. 
  7. Ensure that the main library door is locked before exiting.

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