Monday, February 25, 2013

Realism, modernism and post modernism literature: some differences

Literary technique Realism Modernism
Beginning, middle, end
Less planned
Avoids "neat" conclusion
Narrative structures Follows plot conventions
Maintains reader/author barrier
New techniques
e.g. stream of consciousness
May require greater reader involvement
Characters Recognizable
Stress on character development

Less real characters
Use of outsiders
Few traditional heroes
Worldview Assumes meaning to world
Often based on Judeo-Christian ethical order
Expresses doubt about finding any meaning in life/world
Move towards an individual ethical code
Interest in political extremes
Language and style Does not question ability of words to communicate ideas Scepticism about ability of language to adequately reflect reality

Literary technique Postmodernism
Plot Little conventional story
A story of fragments
Narrative structures Experimental
May break reader/author barrier
Reminded that we are reading a story
Characters Little attempt to create in-depth characters
Worldview Extreme scepticism about any underlying pattern
Language and style Extreme doubts about language to reflect reality

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