Thursday, May 14, 2009

Non-print equipment & services: Supplementary reading list

Cabeceiras, James. The Multimedia Library: Materials Selection and Use. 3rd ed. San Diego: Academic Press, 1991.

Driessen, Karen C. and Shelia A. Smyth. A Library Manager’s Guide to the Physical Processing of Nonprint Materials. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995.

Ellison, John. Selection, Acquisition and Management of Non-Book Materials. (Click on “Formats Covered” for table with links to student papers on a variety of software formats.)

Heinrich, Robert, et al. Instructional Media and Technologies for L earning. 7th ed. Columbus, OH: Merr ill, 2002.

Kaye, Alan L. Video and other Nonprint Resources in the Small Library. Chicago: ALA, 1991. (From the Internet Archive)

Storage, circulation & scheduling; processing
*See “Notes on Processing, Storage/Shelving…” and “Circulation of Nonprint Materials and Equipment”
* Driessen. pp.4-11

Lambert, Annette. Multimedia Seeds: a starting point for audio, video and visual resources See under “Collection Management” for sections on Processing, and “Housing and Circulating Materials”

Tiffany, Constance J. “The War between the stacks” American Libraries, Sept. 1978, p. 499. Available fulltext on EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier

Weihs, Jean. The Integrated Library: Encouraging Access to Multimedia Materials. 2nd ed. Phoenix: Oryx, 1991.

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