Saturday, May 2, 2009

Introduction to the Internet: Evaluating Websites

The Internet has no “filter” for quality, taste, or reliability. Anyone can publish anything on the Net. It is important to use web sites that are created by people qualified to be writing on the subject matter. If you come across a geocities, angelfire, tripod, or aol site, you need to be aware that anyone can create web pages on these sites.

There are many resources on the Web which provide guide in evaluating Web pages. The following is a list of some of them.

Kapoun, Jim. “Teaching Undergrads WEB Evaluation.” College and Research Libraries News 59(7) July/August 1998, pgs 522-523. (also at the ACRL Website at

Bibliography on Evaluating Web Information
Resources which address the problems and issues related to teaching and using critical thinking skills to evaluate Internet resources. Ordered by Internet Resources, Print Resources, Example Web Sites, Useful Listservs, and Useful Books.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply and Questions to Ask
UC Berkeley – Teaching Library Internet Workshops

Evaluating Web sites
Subject Guide from the Red River College Library

Fact or Folly: Authenticating Online Information
From the Media Awareness Network, a Canadian non profit organization. Check the right side of the article for links to the Five W’s of Cyberspace, Quick Tips for Authenticating Online Information and Deconstructing Web Pages.

ICYouSee: T is for Thinking. A guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the Web
Includes a pop quiz and homework assignment. By John R. Henderson, a reference librarian at the Ithaca College Library.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Teacher Helpers; Critical Evaluation Information
Includes evaluation checklists by Schrock and links to writing by Schrock and others on Web evaluation. Also includes list of Web sites suitable for demonstrating critical evaluation.

Barker, Joe. Web page evaluation checklist.
Checklist of points to look out for evaluating information.

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