Thursday, September 25, 2008

About me

I have been blogging for about three years now, on my work, my personal life, for my friends and family to read. I have decided it's time that I start a blog solely on my work, so here it is!

I have been around the ins and outs of working libraries since the spring of 1998. I started volunteering in my school library during my lunchtimes, and when we got a totally awesome replacement at the start of the following school year, I really got into doing lots of things. I wasn't the only student volunteer there, but I was probably the most enthusiastic one and I got to do lots of things that the others weren't able to!

After being in the library for two years there, I moved schools twice in the following two years. My part-time Math course in grade 11 allowed me to volunteer in the local elementary school for an hour every day for a semester, and taking a half-day in grade 12 gave me another hour every day to volunteer. Granted that most of the time I spent shelving, it was still experience. By then, I decide that my future probably lied within the library world.

I looked into colleges where I could further my education, and found Red River College. They have a 2-year Library and Information Technology program in Winnipeg, with an alternate year intake. Unfortunately the year I graduated from high school (2002), was the year that didn't have a intake, so I spent the year continuing to volunteer at the local school and completing my first course via distance education on the advice of my instructors.

I graduated from college in 2005, and unfortunately took quite some time to get a job. I plan to go into depth into another post, but in the last year I've had four jobs, with only one that I really hated. I'm currently working two part-time jobs, and I've had two jobs - including one I'm currently working - that have been term positions, both of which have been extended twice.

However, I'm still young, and I know it will take some time before I end up with a permanent full-time job. For the time being, I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work in some worthwhile positions and to improve my skills. If I had to have one goal about this blog, it would be to encourage someone to get into the library world. If one person does - then it will be worthwhile.

By the way, I'm not a total library geek. I have other interests too: I love to spend time with my friends, and in fact all my really good friends are people who don't have any connections to the library world. I love to go bowling (although I'm really bad - a good night is if I get one complete strike!), or just catch up with them. I love listening to music, and watching television - Doctor Who, Torchwood and House are three of my favourite shows. However this blog isn't about any of that --- and as I mentioned before, I have other blogs for that. This blog will be totally library related.

Anyway, I've got some ideas for posts in the future, and if there's anything that anyone wants to know - drop me a line, and I'll get around to a post in the future!

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