Monday, February 26, 2018

Parents and Internet Access

Winnipeg Public Library 

Parents and Internet Access 
Winnipeg Public Library has purchased an Internet booking system to manage the thousands of Internet bookings it handles each month. This system will allow library users to use their Winnipeg Public Library card to book Internet time in advance. 

Parents of children and young adults 17 years and under can decide the type of Internet access they would like their children to have at Winnipeg Public Library. Parents must sign their children’s or young adult’s library card application. Parents can choose the options of No Internet Access or Filtered Internet Access Only on the library card application. If one of these options is not chosen the child or young adult will have Unfiltered Internet Access. If your child or young adult already has a library card you must contact your local library to let us know which of the options you want for your child. 

What type of Internet access does Winnipeg Public Library provide? 
All Children’s Services Internet Workstations use filtering software. Some Adult Services Internet workstations also are filtered, but most provide unfiltered access. 

What is a filter?
A filter is software which controls or limits access to Internet content. Winnipeg Public Library has chosen a filter which blocks chat on all workstations. The library also blocks access on children’s workstations in subject categories such as hate literature, extreme violence, and explicit sexual content. 

For more information look at the N2H2 Filtering Policy at the bottom of the screen on a filtered workstation.

A filter is not perfect. There is a 10-15% chance that the filter might not block material it was set up to filter. 

If I am on a Filtered Workstation what do I do if I have a concern about a site? 
You can email N2H2 and ask for a review of the site. WPL staff are not involved in this review. Just click on the Request Review on the Filtering Philosophy page.

Where can I look on the Internet for good sites for our family? 
The Winnipeg Public Library’s web site at is a good place to start. In the sections for Kids and Teens there are lots of selected sites. The For Parents and Caregivers site has links for further information regarding Internet safety.

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