Monday, January 22, 2018

Customer service self-assessment

Please answer each question by checking the appropriate response.

Do you…
Frequently Sometimes Never
1. Project an open, positive, friendly
attitude toward every individual?

2. Respond to complaints in a courteous
and sympathetic manner?

3. Use effective and attentive listening

4. Follow the transaction through until
the customer is satisfied?

5.Apologize even when it's not your

6. Provide timely responses to

7. Provide assistance without being

8. Respond positively - what can you
do, not what you cannot do?

9. Speak clearly at all times?

10. Show you are courteous? Say "Please"
and "Thank you"?

11. Maintain a non-judgemental attitude
toward customer's questions?

12. Communicate on the level of the

13. Acknowledge others for providing
good customer service?

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