Monday, January 23, 2017

Media relations

  • Know the local media
    • Who are your local contacts?
    • Who would give the best coverage? 
    • Give tours
  • Have a press plan 
    • Know how to get the media involved 
  • Create news releases 
News releases 

* How is a news release going to be appropriate to gain attention?

Include the 5W and 1H at the beginning 

Format of news release
Date Contact person’s name and address


Lead paragraph – who, what, where, when

Following paragraph – why and how, important details 

Types of stories that will sell 
  • Styles and trends 
  • Prominent people
  • Local interest 
  • Disasters and crises 
    • Turn a negative into positive 
    • Brings attention 
  • Success story 
  • Human interest 
Stories can fit into more than one type 

Photos in news releases 
  • Include a caption
  • Identify individuals
  • Include photographer’s credit 
  • Black & white photo often preferred 
  • Avoid “Grin and Grab” photos

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