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Science fairs

McCann, Wendy Sherman. A Science Fair Companion. ERIC Digest. May 1999. 

This digest comments on various aspects of school science fairs. General expectations for science fair projects and participants are discussed, and tips for choosing a topic and completing a project are given. Organizational strategies for teachers charged with conducting science fairs are presented. Guidelines for parents in helping children with science fair projects are considered. 

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Fulltext articles on EBSCOhost 
Joseph, Linda C. “Science Fair Fundamentals.” Multimedia & Internet@Schools; Nov/Dec 2004, Vol. 11 Issue 6, p18 3p. Academic Search Premier 
Presents information on several Web sites that offer resources, tips, and experiments for science fair programs.

Marshall, Carol. “Science Fair Projects.” School Library Journal Winter 2002; Net Connect, Vol. 48, issue 2, p35, 2p. Academic Search Premier. 
Discusses the factors librarians may consider in helping grade school students find Internet resources about science projects. Problem and solution on topic selection; Description of Web sites; Information on various Web sites for grades four to eight and grades nine to 12. 

O’Connell, Beth; McElmeel, Sharron L. “Science Fair Sites.” Library Talk, Jan/Feb 2001, Vol. 14, Issue 1. Academic Search Premier. 
Presents information on several Web sites on science as of January and February 2001. 

Young, Terrence E. “No Pain, No Gain…The Science Teacher and You WORKING TOGETHER.” Library Media Connection. Jan 2003, Vol. 23, Issue 4, p14, 7p, 7c. Academic Search Premier. 
Focuses on the role of the school library media specialist in helping students learn quickly about science and technology. Entries below update and correct URLs for sites listed in above articles. 

CyberBee: Science Fair 

Cyber Fair: The Virtual Science Fair 

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Educators

Stryjewski, Elizabeth. Kennedy Space Center. Science Project Guidelines. 

The Kids’ Guide to Science Projects 

Successful Science Fair Projects [Neuroscience for Kids – Science Project] 

The Science Club: Kids’ Science Projects

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