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Political science resources

Canadian Political Science Association

American Political Science Association

Online Guides/Pathfinders, etc.
Politics Subject Guides

Internet Subject Guides: Political Science. Mount Royal College, Calgary.

Canadian Information By Subject: 32 Political Science. National Library of Canada

Country Studies
How to find information about countries. Links compiled by University of Winnipeg Library.

Government & Legal Links
Organized by City Government, Manitoba Government, Canadian Government, and Statues & Legal Links, and International Government Resources.

Canadian Governments
Comprehensive list of links compiled by UBC Library.

Guide to Information Sources on Political Science. University of New Brunswick.
Recommends print and electronic sources available through UNB Libraries.

Politics & Government Campus Guides, York University Libraries.
Recommends print and electronic sources available through York University Libraries.

Political Science Resources Reference Tools
By the University of Michigan Document Center. The site offers a collection of databases and links.

From: OCLC
PAIS International
Provides selective subjects and bibliographic access to periodicals, books, hearings, reports, gray literature, government publications, Internet resources, and other publications from 120 countries. The database covers the public and social policy literature of business, economics, finance, law, international relations, public administration, government, political science, and other social sciences – with emphasis on issues that are or might become the subjects of legislation. Includes materials in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish with English language abstracts and subject headings.

PAIS Archive
Contains more than 700,000 records, originally published in the PAIS Bulletin, 1915-1976. Complements the contemporary coverage of the PAIS International database, also available on FirstSearch.

Women in Politics Bibliographic Database
A searchable bibliographic database of 650 titles, including books, articles, and other governmental publications dealing with women in politics.

Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries
The Canadian Encyclopedia

Glossary of Political Economy Terms. Compiled by Paul M. Johnson, Auburn University.

iAmericanSpirit Political Dictionary
The purpose of a political dictionary is to acquaint the reader with the terms used by policymakers, journalists, commentators, and analysts, in discussing national and international politics.

Glossary of [Canadian Political] Terms
Glossary provided by: Mark O. Dickerson & Tom Flanagan, authors of An Introduction to Government and Politics, 5th ed.

Almanacs, handbooks, etc.
The World Factbook
From CIA.

Statistics Sources
Statistics and Indicators. University of British Columbia Library.
Lists print handbooks, yearbooks, statistical compilations on CD-ROM, online or on the world wide web, that might be helpful for political science researchers including:

Canada. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Trade Negotiations and Agreements: Tools and Statistics
Includes links to trade data, a “Glossary of Terms” and list of acronyms.

Transparency International
A bibliography which provides a fully searchable database of documents and publications, on corruption and related issues. It has a special focus on gray literature.

Corruption Perceptions Index
A comparative assessment of country’s integrity performance.

Canadian Government Budgets
Includes links to federal and provincial budgets between 1995 and 2004.

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
CIFP is a geopolitical database developed originally by the Canadian Department of National Defense in 1991. In 1997 the project became known as CIFP (Country Indicators for Foreign Policy). The project represents an on-going effort to identify and assemble statistical information conveying the key features of the political, economic, social and cultural environments of countries around the world. Currently, the data set includes measurements of domestic armed conflict, governance and political instability, militarization, religious and ethnic diversity, demographic stress, economic performance, human development, environmental stress, and international linkages.

Provides links and information about the major statistical material available on the web for politics.

Historical Statistics of Canada
An electronic version of the compendium Historical Statistics of Canada - second edition, originally published in 1983 as a paper publication. It depicts the growth and development of Canada from Confederation in 1867 to the modern era in short texts and extensive statistical tables. In addition to time series on employment, housing, health care, education and the national accounts, it includes descriptions designed to aid interpretation and use of the data and draws together references to the many original sources.

International Relations and Security Network
The ISN is a free public service that provides a wide range of high-quality and comprehensive products and resources to encourage the exchange of information among international relations and security professionals worldwide. The ISN works to promote a better understanding of the strategic challenges we face in today’s changed security environment.

The Progress of Nations
Provides a descriptive and statistical national comparison for social, economic data. Looks at such factors as water and sanitation, nutrition, health, education, treatment of women, etc. Published by UNICEF. Reports from 1995-1999 also online.

Population Reference Bureau
Provides timely and objective information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications.

Profiles nation-states and provinces of the world. You can look at maps and flags or listen to national anthems.

Access to Justice Network
Canadian law and justice resource materials.

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