Monday, August 27, 2012

Introduction to Canadian literature

1. You just met an alien from outer space. He/she/it asks what the people who live in Canada are like. Develop a list of five or more adjectives to describe the typical Canadian.
Polite Socially conscious
Courteous Law abiding
Welcoming Humble
Peaceful Tolerant

2. As a country Canada has always maintained close ties with the United Kingdom and the United States of America. How are Canadians similar to the British and Americans? How are they different?

Similarities Differences
Most speak English Accents
Language Interests
Humour Religion
Politics Wellbred
Food Bilingualism

3. How do other countries view Canada? What is our reputation on the international stage?

Canada is viewed as peacekeepers. They’re known for being one of the last army troops to withdraw from Afghanistan because they were stationed there to uphold the peace. They’re helpful and are non-threatening (as opposed to some nations). Compared to some nations, Canada isn’t seen as a major player in the world.

4. What conditions (political, economic, social) are necessary for the development of a national literature/culture?

Reading levels, interests, survival, strong economy, Canadian publishers, prizes, praise

5. How would you describe Canadian culture to your alien friend? Develop a list of five or more adjectives to describe the culture of Canada.

  • Unique - Canada has unique attractions to the country and to the world
  • Sport loving – possibly the world’s most loving ice hockey country
  • Multi-cultural – everyone is welcome regardless of who they are, where they’re from, and what their personality and background is
  • Friendly
  • Welcoming

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