Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Select list of recommended series books


Series books come and go with alarming speed and regularity. Just when you think you know what’s hot with your readers, a new series appears with tie-in to a TV show or movie. However, series books are worth including in your intermediate/young adult collection because they:
  • May used to tempt reluctant or bored readers and
  •  Will improve circulation statistics

    Consider purchasing series books with lasting value in hardcover. Those series that will not be so popular in two to three years should be purchased as paperbacks which can be discarded when they no longer circulate.

    It’s also worth noting that many authors, especially in the fantasy/science fiction genre, have published more than one series. Young readers will often methodically read every book in a series and ask for more by the same author.
    Also, a series may be continued by another author. Check these books carefully, sometimes a new author takes a series in a different direction. The recommended ages noted in the list are a combination of a young person’s reading ability, the grade level and the interest level of the book. Many young readers will try a book that challenges their reading ability if they are interested in the subject/genre. Some of the books included also make great read-aloud choices from about grade 4 to about grade 8.
    Criteria for inclusion in the list:
    1. I, or my intrepid reviewer, have read at least one book in the series.
    2. Series is considered to be of lasting value.
    3. There must be four or more novels in the series.
    Realistic fiction: older readers

    AuthorTitle of series (number of books)Age
    Phyllis Reynolds Nayer  Alice (16) 11+ 
    L. M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables (10)  10+ 
    Cynthia VoigtTillerman Family Cycle (7)  11+ 
    Don Trembath  Harper Winslow 10+ 

    Fantasy and Science fiction: younger readers
    AuthorTitle of series (number of books)Age
    T. A. Barron Lost years of Merlin (5)  6+ 
    Bruce Colville  My teacher (4)  8+ 
    Lloyd Alexander  Prydain chronicles (5) 10+ 
    John Christopher  Tripods (4) 10+ 
    Susan Cooper The Dark is rising (5) 10+
    Brian Jacques Redwall (16) 10+ 
    Madeline L’Engle Murry Family series (6) 10+
    Mary Norton The Borrowers (6) 8+
    Garth Nix Seventh tower (6) 6+
    Tamara Pix Circle of magic (4) 10+
    J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the rings (3) 9+
    C. S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia (7) 9+
    James Gurney Dinotopia (20) 9+

    Fantasy and Science fiction: older readers
    AuthorTitle of series (number of books)Age
    Douglas Adams Hitchhiker (5)  12+ 
    Piers Anthony Xanth (5)  12+ 
    L. Frank Baum  Oz (7) 10+ 
    Terry Brooks  Sannara (4) 12+ 
    Marion Zimmer Bradley Darkover (23) 12+
    Orson Scott CardEnder (6) 12+ 
    David Eddings Belguard (5) 12+
    Robert Jordan Wheel of time (11) 12+
    Mercedes Lackey  Bardic voices (4) 12+
    Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern  (4) 12+
    Frank Herbert Dune

    Historical fiction: older readers
    AuthorTitle of series (number of books)Age
    Various authorsThe Canadian girl (20)  10+ 
    Various authors Dear Canada (9)  12+ 
    Jean Auel  Earth's children (5) 12+ 
    Mildred Taylor Logan family (8) 12+ 
    Lawrence Yep Golden Mountain chronicles (7) 10+
    History of China 

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