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Supplementary information sources

Vertical files Anderson, Cynthia. “Vertical Files.” Book Report 20.3 (Nov./Dec. 2001) 36 (2 pp.) Academic Search Premier. EBSCOhost.

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See also website

California Learning Resource Network. 8 Mar 2004.
A searchable database of electronic learning resource reviews for items that support California’s K-12 curriculum. Resources are preselected. The database has in-depth search options.

Canadian Educational Video and Film Distributors. 29 Apr. 2003. Manitoba Education Training and Youth. Instructional Resources. Library Publications. 8 Mar. 2004.

CM. 8 Mar. 2004.
Includes reviews of non-print media as well as Canadian books. No overall index. Creative looks.

Educational Media Reviews Online. 12 Dec. 2003. 8 Mar. 2004.
A database of reviews of videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs from major educational and documentary distributors. The electronic magazine is aimed at the post secondary level.

Educators Guide to Free Films, Filmstrips and Slides Ref LB 1043.8 E4

Educators Guide to Free Videotapes: Elementary/Middle School Edition Ref LB 1044.7 E491

Educators Guide to Free Videotapes: Secondary Edition. Ref LB 1044.75 E49

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse: Curriculum Resources. 8 Mar. 2004.
A collection of math and science materials including print materials, software, CD-ROMs, kits, videos and other types of nonprint media along with thousands of Internet sites in a searchable database. Sponsored by the U.S. government.

EvaluTech. Southern Regional Education Board. 8 Mar. 2004.
A searchable database of software, books and videotapes recommended for K-12.

Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 8 Mar. 2004.
Catalogue of video, CD-ROM and videodisc programs appropriate for schools, colleges and public libraries.

Homa, Linda L. Elementary School Library Collection. 21st ed. Williamsport, PA: Brodart, 1998. Ref Z 1037 E4 1998
Provides a selective listing of children’s books, periodicals and audiovisual and computer materials.

Internet Library for Librarians: Acquisitions, Serials and Collection Development: Book and Non-Book Review Services. InfoWorks Technology Company. 8 Mar. 2004.

Kids First. Coalition for Quality Children’s Media. 8 Mar. 2004.
More than 3,000 reviews of films, videos, DVD, audio recordings, TV programs and CD-ROMs.

Library Journal Accessible through EBSCOhost.

Media Literacy Television, Video and Film Resources. 18 Apr. 2002. Manitoba Education, Training and Youth. Instructional Resources. Library Publications. 8 Mar. 2004.
Includes links to video and film reviews.

Media Review Digest Reviews of educational and entertainment media, 1989 to present. Available on OCLC FirstSearch.

Music, Audio and Video Resources. Auburn University Libraries. 8 Mar. 2004.

National Film Board of Canada. 8 Mar. 2004.

NICEM Film & Video Finder Online. 8 Mar. 2004.
Subscription bibliographic database. Covers educational, documentary, instructional, vocational, and informational materials along with motivational and recreation programming, genre classics, and independent avant-garde productions.
A source for both new materials and archival media, including slide sets, records, audiocassettes, 8 mm film cartridges, overhead transparencies, kits, and models.

Resources for Information Specialist Role. 2001. Baltimore County Public Schools. 8 Mar. 2004.
Hyperlinks to review resources for school media specialists, including ordering materials. Includes software reviewing sites.

The Review Zone. Tina Velgos. 8 Mar. 2004.
The Review Zone’s mission is to provide in-depth reviews on “the best” kids’ and family entertainment software, hardware, computer books and cutting edge technology for parents and teachers.

School Library Journal.
Science Books & Films
Review journal from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Covers all ages.
Video Librarian. 29 Jun 2000. Library, University of California Berkeley. 8 Mar. 2004. Selected reviews from journal mounted at University of California Berkeley, Media Resource Center Website. Use search function to find titles held by media center. Reviews sometimes included.

Video Librarian Online. 8 Mar. 2004.
Electronic addendum to the print magazine Video Librarian. Provides new video and DVD reviews not included in the most recent issue.

Video Source Book Ref PN 1992.95 V53

Also check databases found on EBSCOhost, CBCA, etc. for reviews from periodicals.

TV networks often list programmes and related AV products available for sale, e.g. CBC, TV Ontario, History Television, BBC, A&E, etc.

You may also wish to check the catalogues of libraries which actively acquire nonprint media e.g. Manitoba Education, Training and Youth, Instructional Resources Library, Winnipeg Public Library, Red River College Library, etc.

Government publications Government of Canada Publications. 1 Mar. 2004. 8 Mar. 2004.
Site of the official publisher of the Government of Canada.

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. 27 Sep. 2003. GPO Access. 8 Mar. 2004.
A search and retrieval service that provides bibliographic records of U.S. Government information products. Contains authoritative bibliographic records generated since January 1994 and is updated daily.

Foreign Government Resources on the Web. 17 Feb. 2003. University of Michigan Documents Center. 8 Mar. 2004.

Government Information. 12 Jan. 2004. National Library of Canada. 8 Mar. 2004.
A selective collection of links to Canadian government sites and key federal documents maintained by the National Library of Canada. 

Manitoba Government Publications Monthly Checklist. 8 Mar. 2004
Lists. 6 most recent checklists.

Provincial Publications. 2004. Federal Publications Inc. 8 Mar. 2004.
Provides addresses, telephone numbers and website links for each provincial outlet.

The Weekly Checklist. 1 Mar. 2004. Government of Canada Communications. 8 Mar. 2004.
Includes a listing of book and serial titles which have been released during the week by the Parliament of Canada, federal departments, and Statistics Canada.

Non-English Booklist
Foreign Language Book Sources
8 Mar. 2004

Foreign Language Bookstores & Publishers Worldwide. 24 Feb. 2004. E. L. Easton. 8 Mar. 2004.

International Publishers and Vendors. Auburn University Libraries. 8 Mar. 2004.

Non-English Booksellers. The Bookwire Index. 2001. 8 Mar. 2004.

Publishers’ Catalogues. 8 Mar. 2004.

“Regional Publishers”. 8 Dec. 2001. The AcqWeb Directory.

Renaud-Bray. 8 Mar. 2004.
Website of a major French Canadian bookstore chain.

World Literature Today.
Available at WPL. Sample articles available at

Serials Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Serials Section Education Committee. Unraveling the Mysteries of Serials. 1996. 8 Mar. 2004.

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media : An Annual Guide to Publications and Broadcast Stations. Detroit: Gale Research. Ref Z 6497 .G25

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PubList. 8 Mar. 2004.
A searchable database containing over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newspapers, and monographs. Includes information on titles, formats, publisher addresses, editor contacts, circulation data, and ISSN numbers.

Q Tech Web Acquisitions Resources: Serials Tools. 8 Mar. 2004.

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