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Directories: types, characteristics and uses

Representative sources
Directory of directories

Directories in Print. Gale.
Describes c. 15,500 active rosters, guides and other print and non-print address lists published in the U.S. and worldwide. Title/keyword index.

Library directories
American Library Directory. Bowker.
Lists public, academic, and many special libraries in the U.S. and Canada.

Directory of Libraries in Canada.
Offers information on Canadian libraries, resource centers, business information centres, professional associations, regional library systems, archives, library schools and library technical programs. Indexed by subject, location, personal name, and website/email.

A worldwide directory of library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages.

Directory of Manitoba Libraries.

Publishing and book trade
Canadian ISBN Publisher’s Directory
Contains name and contact information for most Canadian publishers, past and present, who use the ISBN system. It currently lists some 20,000 publishers. Names and addresses for francophone publishers in Quebec are not included. These ISBNS are assigned by the Quebec ISBN Agency.

Canadian Publishers Directory
published twice yearly (in June and December). Distributed free to all Quill & Quire subscribers.

Literary Market Place. Bowker.
Business directory of the American book publishing industry. Includes some Canadian publishers. Free web version requires registration.

Education and research directories
CEA Handbook
Canadian Education Association directory. Includes names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, and web sites of: senior officials in all departments/ministries of education; school boards, their key administrators and enrolments; national and provincial education associations (including teacher, trustee, and home and school associations); teacher education institutions, community colleges, cegeps, and universities; education periodicals; and federal departments and agencies involved in education.

The Directory of Canadian Universities. Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

Research Centers Directory. Gale.
Reports on the programs, facilities, publications, educational efforts and services of North America’s leading nonprofit research institutes.

Schools in Manitoba. Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth.

Scott’s Directory of Canadian Schools
Lists over 16,000 schools with over 32,000 key contacts such as principal, vice-principal, librarian and guidance councilor. The print edition lists all the contacts; titles; addresses; phone and fax numbers; email addresses and all the statistics on each school.

World of Learning. Europa.

A one stop international resource.
Lists over 30,000 universities, colleges, schools of art and music, libraries, learned societies, research institutes, museums and art galleries – arranged alphabetically by country.
Professors at major universities are listed by name together with the subjects in which they specialize.
All entries provide: name; address; telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and internet address; principal personnel; activities and publications, where available.
Can double as an international library directory, international university directory, etc.

Business directories
Blue Book of Canadian Business
Provides information about Canada’s top performing companies.

Company Directories.
From Industry Canada.

Fraser’s Canadian Trade Directory
Useful for finding suppliers and manufacturers by product classification and trade names.

Manitoba Companies Database
Each organization’s listing provides contact information including: address; telephone and fax; geographic export markets in which they are active or interested; and an overview of their capabilities.

Thomas’ Register of American Manufacturers
Massive collection of manufacturer’s catalogues and classified listing of services offered. Available online but must register.

Association Directories
Associations Canada: the Directory of Associations in Canada

IPL Associations on the Net
From Internet Public Library
A collection of over 2,000 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided.

Encyclopedia of Associations. Gale.
Lists non-profit membership organizations in U.S. that have a national scope.
Includes organization’s complete name, address and phone number together with the primary official’s name and title; fax number, when available; founding date, purpose, activities and dues; national and international conferences. Indicates if association has publication. Excellent source for finding brief history, number of members, etc.

Gateway to Associations Online
This directory service from American Society of Association Executives, takes you directly to many of the associations currently operating on the World Wide Web.

Government Directories (commercially published)
Canadian Parliamentary Guide. Gale.
Provides the following: biographical sketches of current parliamentarians, including those serving in the Privy Council, Senate and House of Commons; results of all federal general and by-elections since 1867; current and historical data on provincial and territorial governments including statistical information, listings for provincial and territorial legislative assemblies and general by-election results; and more.

Scott’s Government Index
Features 20,000 key government contacts in all Canadian Federal and Provincial Departments. This directory is published quarterly with an average of 40% change every quarter.

Worldwide Government Directory
Provides names and contact information for ministers, undersecretaries, directories, deputies, advisers, and aides in the executive branch of 195 world governments. The directory also provides contact information for key public officials in the legislative and judicial branches, as well as foreign diplomatic representation in each country, including United Nations representation. Also included are top-level officials in over 100 international organizations like the United Nations, World Bank and the Western European Union.

Telephone, Fax, Zip and Postal Code Directories
Canada 411
Address and phone listings for over 10 million people and businesses in Canada.

Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service
Enter Canadian address information and get back the appropriate postal code. Also has an American zip code lookup.

Telephone & Address Resources

Listings of online sources compiled by the Internet Public Library.

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