Monday, June 6, 2011

Receiving Exercise

Purpose of Exercise
To provide you with practice in receiving procedures.

You are working in the Anytown Public Library. A shipment from the ABC Vendor Co. has just arrived. You have found the packing slip and have unpacked all the items. The invoice arrived separately the same day and is now clipped to the packing slip.

1. Compare the packing slip to the invoice. Not any discrepancies on the packing slip.
2. Compare any purchase order s and invoice. On a separate sheet of paper, note any discrepancies and for each title, describe what the problem is and state what actions you would take.

Discrepancies out of print
Manufacturing Victims out of print, cancel order, contact publisher
Chelsea Girl Murders wrong copy, send back, ask for right copies and shipping credit
Up, Up, Down send back 1 copy, ask for shipping and credit
Serious Cycling new edition pending, find out how long to wait, cancel and re-order if necessary
Dr. Art Ulene’s Low-fat Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes from Soups to Desserts – under 20% Calories from fat temporarily out of stock, contact vendor to see how long it will be out of print for

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