Monday, June 13, 2011

1. Why should a library weed its collection?

To get rid of inaccurate material and obsolete information

2. What factors discourage weeding?

The belief that “books live forever”.

3. What criteria are used for weeding?

Anything not considered for a test; literary, inappropriate level, multiple copies, irregular use, curriculum support

4. What does the video say about use of newer materials?

Newer materials should be challenging, they should stay abreast of information. They should buy bulk of popular materials, if these titles are not used much within 3 years, they can then be weeded.

5. What records need to be kept when items are withdrawn from the collection?

Records of more than one copy.

6. What are the suggested cut dates for sections within Dewey Decimal Classification?

100 5+ years
200 10 years
300 3 years
400 10 years
500 5 years
600 3 years
700 10 years
800 10 years
900-919 7 years
920-999 10 years

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