Monday, January 16, 2017


Based on: Wolfe, Lisa A. Library Public Relations, Promotions, and Communications. New York: Neal Schumann, 1997, p. 154 

12 weeks before program/special event 
  • Determine date, time and location for program/special event (are there any competing activities?) 
  • Secure funding 
  • Develop promotional plan (determine what deadlines for promoting in newsletters, media, etc.) 
8 weeks before program/special event 
  • Confirm in writing presenters and other involved participants
    • Don’t confirm too early or too late 
  • Determine whether book list or display will be created to accompany the program/special event 
  • Develop evaluation form 
6 weeks before program/special event 
  • Promotional materials should be ready for proofing 
    • For bigger events, information needs to be out even earlier for others to make arrangements
2-4 weeks before program/special event
  • Promotional materials should be distributed 
  • Confirm audio visual and electronic equipment needs and book 
  • Ensure that any on-site promotional items have been ordered/created (e.g. balloons, banners) 
  • Order food/beverages 
    • Guaranteed to bring in people! 
1 week before program/special event 
  • Double check all bookings have been made
  • Finalize agenda for program/special event 
  • Ensure all tasks for day of program/special event are covered 
  • Produce name tags/badges and signage 
2-3 days before program/special event 
  • Confirm that all speakers or presenters are still able to attend
  • Review various responsibilities with volunteers 
  • Confirm food/beverages
Night before program/special event
  • If possible, prepare location for event (e.g. put up banners, signs, etc.) 
2-3 hours before program/special event 
  • Ensure location set up properly and all audio-visual and electronic equipment functioning properly 1 hour before program/special event
  •  Greet presenters, speakers and participants 
1-2 days after program/special event 
  • Write thank you letters 
  • Compile results of evaluations of program/special event 
  • Have a session with others involved to determine what could have been done more effectively

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