Monday, February 25, 2013

Realism, modernism and post modernism literature: some differences

Literary technique Realism Modernism Post modernism
  • Structured
    • Beginning, middle, end 
  • Less planned
    • avoids "neat" conclusion  
  • Little conventional story
    • story of fragments 
Narrative structure 
  • Follows plot conventions
    • maintains reader/author barrier
  • Except for formal addresses to the reader
  • New techniques
    • e.g. stream of consciousness
  • May require greater reader involvement
  • Experimental
  • May break reader/author barrier
    • reminded that we are reading a story
  • Recognizabble
    • stress on character development 
  • Less "real" characters
    • use of outsiders
  • Few traditional heroes
  • Little attempt to create in-depth characters
World view
  • Assumes meaning to world
    • often based on Judeo-Christian ethical order
  • Expresses doubt about finding any meaning in life/world
    • Move towards an individual ethical code
  • Interest in political extremes
  • Extreme scepticism about any underlying pattern
Language and style
  • Does not question ability of words to communicate ideas
  • Scepticism about ability of language to adequately reflect reality
  • Extreme doubts about language to reflect reality 

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