Monday, November 12, 2012

Poetry in Canada today

Current state?

  • alive?
  • dead?
  • on life support?
  • why should you care?
The appeal of poetry
  • old art
    o expresses emotions
    o connects us to our deepest feelings
    o cannot be matched by popular culture
Development of Canadian poetry
  • notion of “one great poet”
  • national poetry
    o dead and buried
    o but was a necessary step
    o building a culture of poetry
Canadian poetry today
  • may take any form
    o supported by Canada Council
  • not always easy to find
    o suspend your judgment
Teens & poetry
  • what’s the attraction?
    o difficult time
  •  provides a way to work through issues
The beauty of poetry
  • doesn’t have to tell a story
  • doesn’t even have to rhyme
  • makes moments of experience or imagination come alive
The League of Canadian Poets
Young Poets Aimed at teenagers and teachers with ‘digital history’ for teachers
Canadian Poetry University of Toronto Library
Canadian Poetry Magazine

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