Monday, October 10, 2011

Guidelines for acquiring vertical material

Need or place in the collection
  • Will the material be used?
    o If not, do you have a good reason to acquire it?
  • Will the material be used often?
    o If not, can you justify getting it?
  • Is this the only source of this kind of information in your library?
    o If not, will it add to the collection?
  • Does your collection need this viewpoint?
    o If not, does it add information?
  • Is this format desirable?
    o If not, do you really want?
  • Is this material easy to use?
    o If not, do you have a good reason to add it?

  • Is the material accurate?
    o If not, should you even consider it?
  • Is the material from a reliable source?
    o If not, do you have a good reason to add it?
  • Is the material objective?
    o If not, can you justify putting it into the colection?
  • Is the name and address of the source on the item?
    o If not, have you written it on the item?
  • Was the item published within the past three years?
    o If not, is it valuable for historic reasons?
  • Is the date printed on the material?
    o If not, have you written the date of reciept on the material?
Adapted from: Sitter, Clara L. The Vertical File and Its Alternatives: A Handbook. Englewood, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1992.

Sample Form Letter

Middle School Library
1234 Middle Street
Middletown, Manitoba
R3G 1X4

Dear Sponsor:
Please send one copy of the following free materials for use in our library. If there is a charge, please advise us before sending the materials.
We appreciate your help in assisting us to build a collection of supplementary materials to enrich our library.
I. M. Plain
Vertical File Co-ordinator

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