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Introduction to reference: Reference selection aids

There are many publications that set out to provide assistance in selecting reference materials. These publications, while numerous, are not identical. They vary in size, content, purpose and format. No library should necessarily have all of the titles available in this area.

What is held:


These two phrases, along with selection criteria, will become the deciding factors in decisions about reference materials. What is required in one library with one group of patrons will not be required in a different library with another set of users.

The following titles are representative, but not exhaustive, “guides to the selection of reference materials”. Don’t forget about them and do use them throughout your reference studies. They will prove valuable allies in your struggles through the bewildering yet exhilarating mazes of reference sources.

Ref Z 1035.1 .A353 American reference books annual / Bohdan S Wynar, editor in chief; Anna Grace Patterson, editor [annual]

Ref Z 5848 .A72 1997 ARBA guide to subject encyclopedias and dictionaries / [edited by] Susan C. Awe.

Ref Z 1365 .B67 1996 Canadian reference sources: an annotated bibliography / Mary E. Bond, compiler and editor, Martine M. Caron, co-compiler.

Ref AE 1 .E48 1995 Encyclopedias, atlases & dictionaries / Marion Sader, Amy Lewis, eds.

Z 1035.1 .C5 2000 Fundamental reference sources / James H. Sweetland 3rd ed.

Ref Z 1035.1 G89 Guide to reference books / edited by Robert Balay. 11th ed.

Ref Z 1035.1 .G91 Guide to reference materials for Canadian libraries / editor: Kristi Nilsen.

Ref Z 1037.1 S34 1998 Guide to reference materials for school library media centers / Barbara Ripp Safford.

Ref PE 1611 K57 1992 Kister’s best dictionaries for adults & young people / Kenneth F. Kister.

Ref AE 1 .K57 1994 Kister’s best encyclopedias: a comparative guide to general and specialized encyclopedias / Kenneth F. Kister.

Z 1035.1 L59 1998 Madame Audrey’s guide to mostly cheap but good reference books for small and rural libraries / Audrey Lewis.

Z 1035 .A1 R43 Reader’s adviser / Marion Sader , editor. 14th ed.

Z 1035.1 R435 2000 Recommended reference books for small and medium-sized libraries and media centers / Bohdan S. Wynar, ed.

Ref Z 1035.1 .R44 1992 Reference sources for small and medium-sized libraries / Jovian P. Lang, ed.

Ref Z 1035.1 .T66 1991 Topical reference books / Marion Sader, ed.

Ref Z 1035.1 .W34 1998 Walford’s guide to reference material, volume 3: generalia, language and literature, the arts / edited by Anthony Chalcraft, Ray Prytherch and Stephen Willis.

Ref Z 1035.1 .W34 2000 Walford’s guide to reference material, volume 2: social and historical sciences, philosophy and religion / edited by Alan Day and Michael Walsh.

Ref Z 1035.1 .W34 1999 Walford’s guide to reference material, volume 1: science and technology / edited by Marilyn Mullay and Priscilla Schlicke.

Z 1035.1 .H54 1998 Where to find what: a handbook to reference service / James M. Hillard. 4th ed.

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