Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Non-print equipment & services: Checklist of major purchase considerations

1. Safety
Is the equipment safe under our particular conditions of use?

2. Performance
A. Picture quality
B. Sound quality

3. Cost
Can we afford it? Is it the best for the price?

4. Compatibility and interconnection characteristics
Will it interface with our present and future equipment?

5. Physical Parameters

Will it fit our space, mounting, and/or portability requirements?

6. Durability of construction

7. Ease of operation
How easy is it for our operators to tune or adjust?

8. Tamerproofing or security
Does it have the protection against tampering that we need?

9. Maintenance
Will it be easy for us to service?

10. Warranty or guarantee
Who guarantees what, in what way, for how long?

11. Use Experience

What do previous purchasers think of this equipment: has it been field tested?

12. Availability

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